Specialty Products:
Custom Hardware and Textiles

Specialty Textiles

From acoustic tents to chair wraps, we can create the style and functionality you’re looking for.

Custom Hardware

Unique architecture calls for unique window coverings. We provide Autocad specifications up front, excellent service throughout the project, and superior results in the end.

You Name It

When you have an inspired idea and wonder, can it be done? The answer is yes. No matter what the idea, we can work with designers and architects to bring it to life.

Featured Specialty Product: Labyrinth

Lutek is working closely with Tegan Lighting to offer a series of hand woven, carefully sculpted luminaires designed to create a soft and subtle light. The Labyrinth series of yarn spun luminaires bring character to any architectural environment. These unique lighting sculptures are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing the user to create an artful lighting design. The Labyrinth LED series includes Sphere, Cuboid, Cylindrical and Tapered forms. These unique forms are beautiful individually or as a grouping, casting warm texture and illumination to bring the space to life.

Contact Tegan Lighting to order standard plus custom colors, custom sizes and custom shapes.

Moving Motorized Labyrinth

Fuel Cafe, Denver
Lutek created these lights with 186 Lighting Design Group. The lights can be raised to allow the patio garage door to open.

Other Specialty Projects